Late afternoon grey #297

Daily painting #297 6"x6" oil on primed canvas panel 

Only 3 more days to reach 300 days of daily paintings!!!!
We don't have much winter rainfall in Durban but this afternoon looked hopeful. In a month or so I will probably be one of those people moaning about how the rain just never seems to stop! As a matter of fact almost a year ago when I first started this blog and my daily paintings (almost a year already!!!!) I remember commenting each day on how the rain just didn't seem to be letting up! But right now it is bone dry! My grass looks dead and everything is brown, dry and dusty. We have had temperatures in the 20's, even high 20's (Celsius) ....hardly a winter for most! Our winters are lovely....only a little rain would be welcomed in my garden!
Late this afternoon the sea had turned a deep shade of indigo and the grey heavy sky seemed to be teasing ....grey has never seemed more beautiful! (For all my painting students....how many shades of grey can you see in the sky? Look next time ....it's beautiful!) But no rain.....yet!

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