Home #305

Daily painting #305. 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel  

There really is no place like home! I know my mum is feeling better because she is wanting to get back home...to her own house! So today I am full of gratitude ....for my beautiful home and the fact that I was able to bring my mum into my home to recover....for my amazing husband who insisted my mum come to our house until she felt better....for my mums healing and recovery (she is a tough cookie!!).... for my amazing work and passion which allows me to be at home when I need to be...and last but not least to every single one of you who have dropped off a flower, visited, called to send her well wishes, or even sent me messages wishing her a speedy recovery, even though some of you don't even know her, your thoughts have been with me....and I am SO grateful! 
This wasn't meant to sound like some 'Oscar award speech', but rather just a chance to say ''THANK YOU". I always tell my children to say 'thank you' costs nothing and we don't do it often enough, so today I am practicing what I preach to my kids! 
My mum is feeling better and going home .....thank you! 

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