Three matches and a happy Dad #260

Daily painting #260. 4"x6" oil on primed canvas panel

Today was Father's Day and Fathers Day in our house just wouldn't be a celebration unless of course my husband was able to celebrate in typically South African fashion with a braai. For those of you new to my blog a braai is South African version of a barbecue only no gas barbecues.....the cooking has to happen over hot coals and flame! My husband loves nothing better than to crack open an ice cold beer, stoke up his fire and toss and turn and nibble off of the meat cooking over the coals. So yesterday in celebration of Fathers Day the charcoal was out, the matches laying about and the fire was roaring.....and we had a happy Dad! I hope all the special Daddy's out there had an awesome day too....!! We love you madly Andrew Shedlock and I am so grateful for everything you bring to our little family. You are a wonderful role model to our kids and your love is immeasurable....thank you!

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