Plums with blue and white #245

Daily painting #245. 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel SOLD

I love the way the juicy rich (almost royal) color of the plums is offset by the subtle tones of neutral and blue. I get such joy from working with paint and the richness and magic of color!

This weekend one of the little paintings were reserved in advance by one of my loyal Paintings in the post followers to celebrate a special friends 50th birthday! If you know you have a special day coming up like a birthday or an anniversary and would like to reserve the painting that will be painted on a particulate date and have some input into what you would like painted, I would be happy to oblige. Recently another Paintings in the post collector received a hand rendered voucher from some of her friends to spend on little paintings, so if you are not sure what a friend might like but would like to give the gift of a painting....a hand rendered voucher might be what you are looking for! I have also recently sent off a little painting as a wedding gift with a special message enclosed for the bride and groom! I love the fact that a little painting can be even more special to receive when given as a gift or to serve as a reminder of a special day!

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