Big butter avocado #265

Daily painting #265. 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel

Today I am 100 days away from completing 365 paintings in 365 days!! A whole year of little daily paintings.....almost!!

I love avocados ....we eat them all the time and yes I am one of those stupid people that pay crazy prices for them at times because I just can't resist!!! They are normally the much smaller hard skinned avos that we find in the shops but this week my Mum bought me some of our local grown big butter avos straight off of a tree. Many homes in Durban have large avo trees growing in their garden....sadly not mine! As can be expected straight from the tree, these avocados were delicious .....just nothing like them! They are smooth, creamy and just so full of flavor. I could eat them breakfast, lunch and supper....and now I have painted them too! 

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