Old brush #165

Daily painting #165  pen, ink and watercolor on A5 watercolor paper

I have been busy in my studio with a couple of other projects today and only started getting set up for my daily painting later this afternoon only to discover that I had forgotten to prime some more little canvas panels! I normally prepare about 20 of them at a time and have had such a busy week that I didn't realize until yesterday that I needed to prime more canvases.....and of course this morning I forgot! I like to give the little boards a couple of layers of gesso with a light sanding inbetween each dry layer so they really need a day to prepare!
So my daily painting is another little pen, ink and watercolor painting.....of the old Chinese brush I use to apply the layers of gesso. Maybe if I paint it and leave the brush sitting on my work table, it will be the first thing I see in the morning and the old brush will serve as a reminder to prepare some more little canvas panels!

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