Load shedding protea #159

Daily painting #159. 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel SOLD

Today while I was teaching our electricity suddenly cut off! A while later I realized that we were experiencing load shedding. A simple explanation for this is simply our electricity provider, Eskom cuts power supply to certain areas for up to 2hours (often more) when our power supplies in the country are running low! I know to viewers overseas reading this, this must sound crazy....but hey, we live in Africa...where anything is possible! Foolishly I thought because we had experienced load shedding in the morning, we would not be affected in the afternoon....HA! Yes did I say that in Africa anything is possible......! Well in the late afternoon just as I was getting settled in my studio with a beautiful protea on the shelf....the power cut again! My studio was quite dark and the natural light faded too fast. So my protea was a bit of a blind painting but I had to push through quickly as darkness was fast approaching and rechargeable lights and candles (which is what we resort to) give off awful color in the light they produce. So thanks Eskom....my Protea didn't quite end up as anticipated but you certainly pushed painting in the dark as a new experience! Oh and by the way.....please can we have electricity today!

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