Garlic #180

Daily painting #180

180 paintings in 180 days....a milestone to celebrate!

My husband cooked supper tonight. He is the absolute braai* master and loves to stoke up that fire on our veranda, crack open a cold beer and sit poking and feeding the fire. I always tease him and say he must still have a bit of 'cave man' in him....it is his best to sit around a fire and cook. Well tonight he made a chicken potjie (a kind of stew made in a large black African cooking pot and cooked over an open fire)....potjie translated means little pot in Afrikaans. He sorted out all his ingredients, one of which was garlic and had everything chopped and ready....very organized.  It was absolutely delicious and so good to have a night off from cooking....a real treat! I think my husband must have missed me!

*braai -a South African word used to describe cooking over an open flame or hot coals, like a barbecue.

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