Garden of proteas #177

Daily painting #177. 4"x6" oil on primed canvas panel

Today has been a chilly day in Cape Town and by this afternoon it was misty and raining...perfect weather to do a bit of last minute shopping for some Sennelier oil paint at The Italian Art Shop (yes I know it is a French paint!). The time seems to have flown by too quickly and tomorrow it is time to head on back to the airport to fly home! I have missed my family so much and can't wait to see them but my heart is heavy to say goodbye to Candice who is off to Zimbabwe for a friends wedding and then back to Chicago! We have had an amazing time together and have been so lucky to stay at False Horizons in Glencairn. It is a beautiful holiday home with an amazing view! I wish I could relocate the proteas and fynbos in the garden  back to my garden in Durban .... I love the smell of the fynbos! A happy time in the Cape and lots of memories with my #cousinsister..... 'til next time!

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