Floral study #171

Daily painting #171. 6"x6" oil on primed canvas panel SOLD

There are so many floral paintings on the go in my studio classes at the moment....it's like Spring is the air rather than Autumn! I didn't have much time to paint today so a quick little floral study after class finished. But I promise not to bore you with too many florals.

Feel like a little adventure? Well join me on my trip to Cape Town in 2 days time to spend some 'girly' catch up time with my cousin from Chicago....we plan to visit a few galleries, check out some local shops, sample some quality Cape Town coffee, wine and beer (not necessarily in that order!!!), soak up some of the local beauty and have a long overdue chin wag and catch up.....not to mention the hugest hug when I first see her! Candice and I are both only children and we grew up like sisters! She lives in Chicago now, so time spent together is precious and she inspired me to start (she literally set everything up) Paintings in the post, insisting I share my daily paintings....so we have some celebrating to do! I would love to share photos from my trip with you so follow along on my Instagram site http://instagram.com/heidishedlock and yes I will be taking my box of paints along.....

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  1. Gorgeous!
    Have a great time in Cape Town....

    1. Thanks Martine.....I am so excited! Cape Town is such a beautiful city.....will try to share some beautiful pics on Instagram!


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