Blue skies, blossoms and birds #168

Daily painting #168. 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel

So if you read the title of the painting before reading my blog post, you will be forgiven for thinking "Birds, what birds?" Yes, I know there are no birds in the little painting, just a quick painting sketch of a tree! This afternoon my daughter and I were sitting upstairs marveling at all the beautiful birds that visit our garden and the public gardens which borders our house. From our upstairs veranda we overlook the tree tops of this garden and yesterday we couldn't believe the amazing variety of birds that we were finding.....and I have to admit that I am no avid bird watcher....so other than the more common birds like Kingfishers and Weavers and Barbets, I was unable to identify most of them! What we also noticed was one tree in particular which stood out with its beautiful pink blossoms amid a sea of different tones of green. This beautiful tree reminds me of a Cherry Blossom tree but I know it is not! The tops of it looked so striking against the backdrop of blue sky.....so a quick little painting sketch to remind me to notice the beauty on my doorstep a bit more often!

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