An apple a day...#161

Daily painting #161. 6"x6" oil on primed canvas panel

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.....if only it was that simple! Thank goodness I am not feeling like I was last weekend when all I wanted to do was climb on the bed and sleep off a nasty head cold. This weekend has been just too busy for that! It is my husbands 50th birthday on Monday and we have family coming over on Sunday for lunch....so lots of cooking! This morning I spent what felt like ages trying to shop for a gift for him with the children. Andrew is an impossible person to buy gifts for...he wants nothing and needs little! Anyway we succeeded in spoiling him and are slowly getting organized for Sundays bash, but I can't say I have had much time to paint this weekend! Although I do have a little surprise for him which I started last night and will finish tomorrow as my daily painting....I had to make a start on it while he was at the Sharks rugby game as I don't want him to see the surprise....a sneaky little painting...you too will have to wait for tomorrow.....

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