A lemon and a grape #158

Daily painting #158. 4"x6" oil on primed canvas panel

I never wake up knowing what I am going to paint for my daily painting! At some point in the day something will come to me...inspire me...catch my attention...scream out at me...or find its way into my studio as if it was just meant to be there for me to paint! But not today! None of the above! Maybe I was too busy or distracted today but by late afternoon I stood in the kitchen with my children and loudly exclaimed that I had no idea what I was going to paint for my daily painting! My children looked at me with way more panic on their faces than I was feeling, they couldn't believe I had not made it into my studio today and so began to rattle off a number of things they thought were appropriate and might 'save the day'. Bless them but most of the suggestions had no appeal at all until of cause, out of sheer desperation they grabbed two things in front of them...a lemon and a grape (of all things). The suggestion seemed absurd and the combination of the two so weird that of course I just had to paint ...a lemon and a grape! We had a good giggle at how bizarre we are....and I wouldn't blame you for thinking we were a crazy bunch! So after much laughter and craziness the strange combination of a lemon and a grape (a bunch would be way more appropriate) will remind me of good times and laughter!

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