Protea study #131

Daily painting #131. 6"x6" oil on primed canvas panel SOLD

This time next week it will be VALENTINES DAY! While I have to admit to not ever making too big a fuss over Valentines, I will also admit to enjoying being spoilt or made to feel special every now and again! But the idea of getting flowers at Valentines sends my head into a spin....flowers (especially roses of course) quadruple in price and quite frankly I find it ludicrous! So if you do enjoy a spoil at Valentines why not hint to your hubby to buy you a painting of flowers instead! A painting will last a lifetime....your real flowers (especially in South African heat) will be lucky to make it through the week!!
I have decided to sell the last remaining flower paintings (all roses, proteas, lavender and aloe...there are not many) at R420 locally in SA (incl postage) or $40 through the online store. For local purchases you will need to contact me privately heidishedlock@gmail.com

AND.....every person purchasing a floral painting will enter into a draw to win "Cherries and lace" !!!  Purchase a floral painting and you will automatically stand a chance to win the little painting and receive 2 Paintings in the post! The Valentines special will end at 8pm (SA time) on Thursday 13th Feb and the winner of the lucky draw will be announced on Valentines Day! Someone is going to get a little extra spoiling ....

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  1. Beautiful, Heidi! Do this flower grows in garden in South Africa?

    1. Yes Martine...the Protea is our National flower. There are hundreds of different varieties and they grow best in the Cape, our most southern province in South Africa. They are very hardy flowers and the plants can survive even when velt(bush) fires have swept through....they just reshoot. The flowers are beautiful rich colours....I just love painting them!

  2. You have a lot of talent. I like your style. Congratulations. It's so beautiful.
    My name is: M-C Wroblewski/Bertrand.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words....I hope you visit Paintings in the post again! Very kind of you.....


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