Moth #153

Daily painting #153. 6"x6" oil on primed canvas panel

I found this little moth on the table in my studio. He was sitting so perfectly still that I tapped him gently to nudge him away, but sadly he didn't move. At least he had not fallen victim to the torment of my cats as he had all his feelers and legs in tact and his fragile wings were perfect! I have to admit to being fascinated with moths, they are such ethereal creatures and have such beautifully patterned wings which are often unnoticed and overshadowed by the beauty and color in a butterfly. I am fascinated at how they are drawn to light ...
I have completed a few little sketches in my sketch book of this little moth and somehow it seemed fitting to paint him as one of my daily paintings. It was like he picked the perfect spot to sit and wait for me to come and marvel at him....
(You would be forgiven for thinking I am a bit crazy....my kids would agree with you! They want to know if now that I have finally painted the moth, can I please get rid of it!)

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