Five roses tea #145

Daily painting #145 pen, ink and watercolor on A5 watercolor card SOLD

 Wow today feels like it has been a long day! Airports and traveling have a way of making you feel like that....I am exhausted! But I am happy! Johannesburg is a busy city.....it has such a different atmosphere to relaxed (sometimes too laid back) Durban and while I would never choose to live here...it certainly has a vibe and the occasional visit is great! We had a lovely meal at a little local Italian deli which we walked to from the hotel and a delicious coffee after the meal! But now that I am back at the hotel I am regretting my caffeine indulgence....I might be awake for a while! I probably should have stuck to a cup of tea back at the hotel....a little cup of Five Roses tea!
It feels strange to not have my oil paints or my little traveling oil paintbox with me....a strange feeling indeed!

I had to share one of the images I took from the plane....by now you will know how much I love painting the sky....so I couldn't resist taking some pics from above the clouds for a change! Beautiful cloudscapes.....

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