Uprooted #111

Daily painting #111. 8"x10 oil on stretched canvas

The KZNSA gallery is having its members exhibition from 21 January to 16 February. The theme for the exhibition is Grass Roots. Today's daily painting "Uprooted" will be submitted for the exhibition.  "Uprooted" by definition suggests ....to remove or tear away from a native place or environment...to displace, as from a home or country; tear away, as from customs or a way of life....
Rather a melancholic take on the theme, but having said goodbye to so many friends and family who have moved abroad, the theme once explored, evoked a very real emotion....

 This painting will not be available for purchase on my online store. Anyone interested in purchasing the painting should contact the KZNSA gallery directly. And just for the record ...my grass in the garden will no longer need a trim....I just about pulled out (what felt like) every blade of grass in my front garden to try find one with a root interesting enough to paint!!!

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