Rose study #107

Daily painting #107. 5"x7" oil on primed canvas panel

Today we were shown a bit of grace with slightly cooler temperatures which made sitting in the studio to paint far more bearable! Too late for this rose though....although the bloom still had a few more days life in it...the stem was so limp, it couldn't hold up the weight of the flower any longer! I took the single rose into my studio and made a few quick studies of it. Next week classes begin again and it will be a matter of time before someone needs assistance with capturing the essence of a rose. Painting roses is something that needs practice....there is no mystery....it is all in the looking...finding the tones and values and using your brush to find the shape. The trick is to not overwork the rose too much (I still struggle with this) and being confident with the mark you make....
I think no matter how many roses I paint....I will always remain a student ....always learning...always struggling to keep fresh marks and pushing myself to improve ...but that is the beauty of art!
 Even as a teacher ....I am always a learner too!

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