Pumula - A room with a view #97

Daily painting # 97. 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel 

Pumula Beach Hotel which is down the south coast from Durban, in South Africa, is one of our favourite summer holiday spots and we have been coming here every year (sometimes more than once  a year) since before Andrew and I were even married....our children have grown up here! It is nestled along a secluded beach called Umzumbe beach and the word 'Pumula' is a *Zulu word meaning 'to rest'.
 Every January we stay in the same room....No. 48. It has without a doubt the best view of the coastline and after settling in, enjoying a leisurely lunch and soaking up the sheer joy of being back at a place we call 'home away from home', I finally made it onto the verandah of No.48 to paint the late afternoon view. The heat had subsided and there was a cool breeze. The brightness earlier in the day which made both sea and sky look cerulean and cobalt, had softened into more gentle and subtle tones ....and I was feeling relaxed and content...who wouldn't staring out over the Indian Ocean at this view....

*Zulu is one of our official languages in South Africa but is native to KwaZulu Natal, a province situated along the east coast of South Africa.....the province in which I live.

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  1. Hi Heidi, I saw your painting on Leslie's blog and came over to say hi and tell you how much I like it. I read your last post, too. Almost up to 100 paintings in 100 days!!! Wow, something really to be proud of! Congratulations...

    1. Thank you so much Meredith....for taking the time to look at my blog and for the compliment! Hope you visit again .... ! I can't believe it myself...100 paintings in 100 days....I honestly never thought I would have the discipline ....but hopefully I have inspired some along the way! Thank you Meredith


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