Mustard #95

Daily painting #95. 5"x7" oil on primed canvas panel. SOLD

New Year's Day is always spent having lunch at Granny's house (my Mum).....the last feast of the festive season! Families are always drawn together over food....and every celebration in every religion is celebrated in some way over the sharing of food....traditional meals....family favourites! In our family we have so many meals and favourites that have evolved into our own versions of traditional recipes. Yesterday my mum asked me to bring the mustard sauce....
The mustard sauce is one of those elusive recipes from my mother in law....she has shared the ingredients but is always vague about the actual recipe so I have developed my own version of it....same ingredients ....probably different measurements ....but it tastes just as good! 
So while the sauce was simmering, I got my 2014 daily painting off to a start....

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