Midnight protea #104

Daily painting #104. 5"x7" oil on primed canvas panel SOLD

I thought I would paint something typically South African today ....I seem to be the only South African artist doing the 30/30 challenge.....I think....! So of course I chose my favorite flower to paint....the protea! The protea is our National flower and there are 100's of varieties ....I could never get bored painting them! They are not so easy to find at the moment as they are out of season and the price for just one stem has nearly doubled....but fortunately they are so striking in texture, colour and form that  just one protea in a vase looks just perfect too! 
My protea sat on the kitchen table waiting to be taken up to the studio to paint....it beckoned to me...teased me....and by late afternoon was tormenting me....but somehow today was just too busy, the hours rolled into one another, my children had friends over to sleep and before I new it ....it was close on 10pm and I hadn't made it into my studio yet!!!!
Well I have to admit to dragging myself into the studio, once everyone was finally asleep.....I thought that perhaps today might be the day I just don't do a painting....BUT....I got started....and soon I was hooked....the sudden quiet of the house was a welcome pleasure....and my tiredness melted away as I relaxed into my favorite space (physically and mentally). It is midnight ...and now I am wide awake, but I painted the protea....and I am so happy I did!
The joys of painting daily! 

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