In memory of a bee #121

Daily painting #121  6"x6" oil on primed canvas panel

I am not a lover of  creepy crawlies and flying noo-noos (insects), especially that mosquito that was buzzing persistently around my ear in the early hours of the morning!! But I have to admit to finding bees fascinating and hate it when I see someone squishing them. Granted neither I or my children are allergic to bee stings and thank goodness for that because living on the border of a public park which is densely populated with trees means lots of bees! There are definitely one or two hives close by! But lately, sadly, we have been finding quite a few dead bees...around the swimming pool...in the kitchen...and in the garden! My children have even commented on how strange it is! Today as I approached my easel in the studio this little bee lay on the floor at the base of my easel. The dying bees are a mystery....and this little chap looked like he lay waiting at my easel for a reason.... and so I began my daily painting...in memory of a bee!

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  1. Wow! This is great- very refreshing. So glad I noticed your little bee! I like a lot of your paintings very much.

    1. Thank you Sally...I am glad you noticed my little bee too! I hope you visit Paintings in the post again soon! Thanks!


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