Hot like chillies #106

Daily painting #106. 5"x7". Oil on primed canvas panel SOLD

Two red hot chillies embrace.....

Hot hot hot.....heat of a different kind....inescapable, humid, sweaty, unbearable, heat!
Welcome to Durban at the moment! The rainy spell we had a month or so ago is really causing havoc with the humidity levels, which can add a couple (more than a couple) of degrees onto an already unbearable temperature! Some parts of the world are freezing over and we are sweltering, melting, dehydrating!! Bizarre weather or global warming dealing its punishment....?
A few days ago I shared this photo with some friends.....

.....and this candlestick doesn't stand in the sun! The drooping candles are a result of the room temperature!!!!!

You know it's hot when even the candles can't cope......

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  1. I am enjoying your work, very nice depth. those candles make me sweat just looking at them. Quite a challenge we are tackling, best wishes, cant wait to see what you paint next.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Cindy and for stopping by to take a look at my work! I wish I knew in advance each day what I was going to paint for my daily painting but somehow something has to grab my attention and then I think ah-ha ....that is what I will paint for my daily painting today! Not a very organized approach! Today is much cooler, thank goodness, and a lot more pleasant in the studio....


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