Garlic cloves #120

Daily painting #120. 6"x6" oil on primed canvas panel

We have had a busy week and another busy week is on the horizon so today was a 'stay-at-home-relax-family' kind of day! My best! Relaxing at home on a Sunday usually means we will braai (barbecue).....my husband loves to stoke up that fire and cook over the hot coals! Today instead, we decided to make a traditional South African meal called a potjie. Potjie directly translated in Afrikaans means little pot. So essentially it is a type of stew (there are millions of varieties) cooked in a traditional African black pot over hot coals. The pot gives the meal a distinctive taste and the coals add a subtle smokiness. So while my husband gathered, chopped and peeled the ingredients I sat keeping him company and painting one of the ingredients. I am amazed at the huge variety of colours in garlic....beautiful subtle tones! My husband did at one stage glance over my shoulder and question what the 3 blobs on the canvas were....but a beady glance kept him quiet thereafter! He redeemed himself by cooking up the most delicious meal.....!

There are only a few more days left of the 30/30 challenge and today marks 120 paintings in 120 days for me! By the time this post goes live it will also be day 3 of my JANUARY SALE! All prices displayed in my online store have been discounted ...some of them by as much as 50% so be sure to not miss out if you have had your eye on a little painting! Please contact me if you have any questions on heidishedlock@gmail.com. To view available daily paintings in the store gallery click the blue highlighted writing below....

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