View on a Summers day #84

Daily painting #84. 4"x6" oil painting on primed canvas board

Yesterday our Durban weather came back to give us a slap on the wrists for moaning about all the rain we have had! It punished us with high humidity levels and a real 'stinker of a day' ( a slang way of saying it was just too HOT!). My children spent the day in the pool lathered in sun block lotion from head to toe! There was no way I was tucking myself up inside my studio to paint a still life!

So....I settled on my upstairs verandah! I could watch the children in the pool below and I had the most beautiful view over the tree tops and out to sea where a little ship was balancing on the horizon. It was so hot the light had a hazy, blurred effect and quite frankly I was forced, more than ever, to simply and quickly record in paint....the lure of my children calling for me to come join them in the pool was too great....I headed straight down to cool off  and have some fun with my kids! Summer is here....

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