Protea in a turquoise pot #90

Daily painting #90 6"x8" oil painting on primed canvas board. SOLD

Proteas, especially King Proteas are getting harder to find as they are out of season and if you can find them they are incredibly expensive per stem! Boohoo....I love having proteas in my house (as those of you who follow my blog will know)!
Well my family know me so well.....they went to a local crafter who sits outside one of our supermarkets selling his products from the pavement. He constructs the most amazing things from wire and beads only! As South Africans we have become so accustomed to seeing this type of craft around that sadly not enough people appreciate the skill, craft and sculptural element that goes into creating a huge variety of things simply from beads and wire! Anyway....my darling family went off and asked him to make me some proteas!!!!! Yes....proteas (life sized) made out of beads and wire......they are stunning and no picture could do them justice....but here is one to show you...

Fresh...painted....or beaded....I do love proteas!

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