Patriotic Protea #70

Daily painting #70  6"x6" oil painting on primed canvas board   SOLD

Still a bit patriotic today ...but on a much lighter note....
I was painting in the studio and my son was standing behind me watching! He thought it was wonderful that I was painting a Protea in support of our National Cricket team (whose official team name is the Proteas). Being cricket crazy (cricket is a popular sport here in SA) both my son and husband are off to watch the Proteas take on the Indian cricket team here at Durban's cricket stadium tomorrow! So of cause I must be painting a protea as a show of support... according to my son! Well I didn't have the heart to tell him that cricket was the furtherest thing on my mind as I sat painting and my choice of protea had something to do with shape, colour, texture and a genuine love for the flowers, rather than anything to do with patriotic support for our national team! 

That being said, hope the Proteas (as in the team) have a great game tomorrow! I think the girls will be heading off instead for some retail therapy (dreaded Christmas shopping actually) at our local mall. Don't forget to visit my new online store, use the code JINGLE and redeem 30% off the purchase of a daily painting ....if you too are in need of a little retail therapy or perhaps a little spoiling! Happy shopping ....

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