New Year #94

Daily painting #94 6"x6" oil painting on primed canvas board. SOLD

2013 saw me start a project I never dreamed possible...I have written in the Daily Painting page on this blog about the struggles and roller coaster ride of completing a painting daily. I would like to share this with you ...

An artist's lament
Torment of the blank page. Passionless, dull, average, mediocre, or cliche, overdone, too much, over thought, overcrowded
Torment of commonplace, usual, everyday, ordinary, mundane, or boring, overcooked, overblown, too busy, excessive
Torment of the insincere, unfelt, artificial, hypocritical, or talent-less, pedestrian, lazy, formulaic, shallow
Torment of the run of the mill, dishonest, unmoved, insipid, or rushed, sleeplessness, sloth, attempt, failure, excess, disappointment
Torment of challenging nature, never perfection
But the torment of never trying, the greatest torment of all
-Edith Dora Rey

We are naturally so self critical and so many opportunities can pass us by because we never had the courage to simply try....everything begins with a decision to try! So my New Year wish for you is that you find the courage, whatever your passion, to try something you never thought possible...you just never know....  Looking forward to an exciting year ....only 6 more days to go to 100 little daily paintings....I NEVER thought that was possible! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

 (Poem taken from colour, obsession, joy and torment www.dailypainters.com)

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