Jam sandwich #66

Daily painting #66  6"x8" oil painting on primed canvas board

The humble sandwich has found its way onto many artists canvases....I tend to associate sandwiches with school lunch boxes!!! In South Africa our children don't eat school lunches provided by school. We have to send a snack and packed lunch with them to school, although most schools have a shop (known as the 'tuck shop') where you can purchase food and sweets etc ...it tends to be used more for a treat than providing daily sustenance! My kids are a bit spoilt. I tend to make an effort to pack delicious lunches! So my morning routine once the family are up and in the kitchen (and a cup of coffee is down the hatch) is to set about packing lunch....a chore I am delighted to have a break from when the holidays arrive!

So....NO MORE sandwiches and school lunch boxes for 6 weeks....YIPPEE!!! 
(I think many Mums will agree!)

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