Happy days #74

Daily painting #74. 5"x7" oil painting in primed canvas board

"Happy days" ....a bit of a slang way of say "having a good day" or " have a good day" or " I am feeling great"
The sun is back....and the sky is sporting a fine shade of blue...."happy days"!!! I have forgotten the last time the sky was blue and the sun was making its appearance in the morning sky. I love sitting and painting on my bedroom verandah, it looks out over the sea, but with all the rain we have had I have hardly seen the sea some days and the sky has been gloomy and dull! But today I got to go back to my favourite spot.... "Happy days" ...a quick painting sketch of some colour in the sky...at long last!
But as I write this evening, I can hear the soft patter of rain again....oh dear... Lucky we all got to soak up a little sun today! Even my animals enjoyed a bit of sun....if only for a while!

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