Welcome back #45

Daily painting #45  6"x8" oil on primed canvas board  SOLD

Welcome back Sunshine! We have the most beautiful view of the sea and I was delighted to watch a hazy light pushing the grey away as the morning made its appearance. It was not the most beautiful of sunrises....but there was sun....something we have not seen for a few days with all the rain.....think we are in for a steamy summer! Painting the morning light is always a rush ....a race to capture that rapidly changing light! I have such respect for William Turner, he is the true master at capturing that shifting light! Which artist inspires you?


  1. This is a truly stunning painting, I live by the ocean and, the sky is truly breathtaking! Id love to bring this indoors to cherish all day!

    1. Thank you Kirsten....hope you have entered the paintings in the post giveaway...the painting could be your...good luck! So glad you like this painting....I love the morning sky...full of promise of what the day might bring...my most soulful time of day!


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