Summer light #59

Daily painting #59  6"x8" oil painting on primed canvas board

Today has been a sweltering hot, sticky summers day! The typical Durban humidity was testing our resistance for the months ahead! My children came straight home from school and jumped into the swimming pool! I settled in the breeze (what little there was) on my bedroom veranda which overlooks the pool, so that I could paint...and be a responsible Mommy watching my kids swim at the same time! 

However the light was so intense that the colours were awful, the painting a flop and I was getting hot and bothered!!! I picked up a new canvas and looking out over the tree tops, our house is high up overlooking a public park dense with trees, I decided to stop fighting the light and paint it! The sky was so bright it was almost white....but not quite! So today's painting is a quick sketch with paint...I had fun making marks in the paint, I worked quickly and captured a fleeting image! After my quick sketch I headed straight to the pool to cool off!

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