Purple 'Red' Onion #46

Daily painting #46  6"x 6" oil painting on primed canvas board  SOLD

So how does a red (actually more purple) onion land up on my canvas? Well today has been one of those manic days when too much is happening and nothing goes according to plan. One of those days when I need to spilt myself in 2 between 2 children that both need me in the afternoon and the hour or so I normally try to spend in my studio on the mornings I teach, was today absorbed by other things on the 'to do' list which took much longer than expected! Are you starting to relate .....? If any of you are wives or mothers you will also relate to how as the day runs away with you faster than anticipated, a nagging question lingers in the back of  your mind, "What am I going to cook for supper(evening meal)?"

Well I was still thinking that as I walked in the door and standing in the kitchen with my kids, we were making a team effort of trying to come up with something quick and easy....when suddenly my son jumped upright from the vegetable basket enthusiastically holding something. We turned to him thinking he had a great culinary suggestion...."Mom look at the colour of this onion....you have to paint it!" We all looked at one another and started to laugh ....daily painting is clearly having an effect on us all.... crazy Mom....crazy kids! So I painted the onion, after feeding my family, putting them to bed and finding some peace, rest and solitude in the quiet of my studio. Daily painting really is the recording of the mundane and the ordinary that for some or other reason just catches your attention.....

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