Flip-flop Friday #1

Daily painting #1 6"x8" oil on primed board (SOLD)

So this is where my daily painting journey began... In Durban, on the East coast of South Africa we celebrate a day called flip-flop Friday in honour of many charities, one of them being a charity which supports providing shoes for children in rural schools who would otherwise be going to school barefoot. In Durban flip-flops are also a celebration of FUNSUNZI (fun in the sun) and on Flip-flop Friday everyone is encouraged to wear flip-flops whether you are off to school or off to the office in your jacket and tie! Feeling otherwise about a painting I was working on, I put it aside, picked up a little canvas and decided to do a little, fun and quick painting to get rid of my painting frustration.... I looked down at my feet, whipped off my flip-flop and painted away.....this little 6"x8" did the trick... The next day before getting started with other work I decided to do a quick little painting sketch again... And so my daily painting bug had bitten ...and I was hooked!

This little painting was given away via Facebook to a family living in Devon. Liesel is originally from Durban, South Africa and with a British winter approaching, I thought they could do with a little FUNSUNZI in their home...and so the first painting travelled....Paintings in the Post had begun....without me even realizing it!

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