Pumula at last! #29

Daily painting #29  5"x7" oil painting on primed canvas board

Well the weather is being kind...blue skies this morning and turquoise sea...hooray! The ladies all arrive today...I travelled down to Pumula Beach Hotel yesterday in sheets of rain and howling winds...said a few prayers along the way but arrived safe and sound to get things organized. Pumula is a Zulu* word meaning 'to rest'....a more apt name for this beautiful little spot I could not find....so let's rest from the busy of everyday, use our energy to paint....and most importantly full the soul tank!

*Zulu is one of our 11 official South African languages. It is spoken mainly in the province of  KwaZulu Natal which is home to the Zulu culture. It is one of the languages our children are taught to speak at school in this province, along with Afrikaans and English.

Thank you Jackie Davis for your photos!

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