First cherries #63

Daily painting #63  6"x6" oil painting on primed canvas board

It must be nearing Christmas....cherries are on sale again at the market and the food stores! YUM!!! I love cherries! Fresh, juicy little treats that even look like Christmas.... like shiny red Christmas baubles...good enough to eat!

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I had to share these sweet little images with you ....

My daughter Amy, who is 10 years old and loves spending time pottering around in my studio, decided to start a little daily drawing in one of her sketch books. Tomorrow she will do daily drawing #30 and I am so proud of her! Every afternoon she finds an image in one of her picture books and focusing mainly on shape and spatial relationships she does her little drawing completely independently...no help from busy Mom! She is self motivated and so enthusiastic....daily completion of an image takes dedication...I am so proud of her commitment and passion...long may it last!

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