Daily painting #723 Porcelain and a fig

Daily painting #723 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel

I love the colour blue. There are very few shades or tones of blue that don't appeal to me. I found this little porcelain pot in a local shop and of course the little blue floral motif caught my eye immediately. When I picked it up I just knew that I had to have it to add to my studio collection of pots, trinkets, vases, plates and bits n bobs that clutter my shelves and regularly find their way into my little daily paintings. I picked up the little pot and it was so fragile, the porcelain as thin as paper. I felt like  the  pressure of merely holding it in my hands might crack the cold, brittle, almost transparent surface. It was so delicate. So another fragile little everyday object has joined my collection of the delicate, chipped, broken or discarded 'things' that make up the little stories I paint...and in their own right the little stories that sit on my shelves and make my studio feel like my story...my haven.

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