Daily painting #744 Studio protea 1

Daily painting #744 6"x8" oil on primed panel (unframed)

This week two of my studio classes have been learning to work with a palette knife. Personally I find it quite limiting to work with just one tool. But it is important for them to explore this tool. I am a believer of using whatever it is that makes the mark that works for you. As a result I use and rely on many different tools from traditional brushes and palette knives to a variety of different treasures, many of them from the hardware store rather than my art supply store!

I completed two little VERY quick demonstrations for them, highlighting some points that might assist them. This is the first of the little demonstrations and tomorrow I will share the second. We painted some beautiful proteas...oh so typically South African!

Below is an example (incomplete) of just one of my 'students' little paintings...they were all SO different which is fabulous...and they were all GORGEOUS! Way to go ladies...happy teacher!

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