Winter break #705

Daily painting #705 5"x7" ink and acrylic on primed panel 

Today marks the start of our 3 week Winter holiday. My children finish school early today and holidays can begin....I can't wait! I have SO much work to do, so it's not like I will be taking too much of a break but it is good to have a change in pace. No school means no more cold, dark early morning rush and no more making and packing school lunches before I have even wiped the sleep from my eyes. It also means no more crazy afternoon lifting around from sports practices, ballet classes, piano lessons....(the list could go on). It means we get to have some awesome family time and although for a change we don't have any travel plans, we do have a few day trips that we plan on doing closer to home which is really exciting. I am looking forward to spending more time with my camera again which is always a treat in the holidays as my painting classes have come to an end until the schools go back. But most importantly I am going to be able to enjoy the beautiful morning winter sunrises with my cup of coffee for a little longer (I am an early riser anyway)....this really is the best time of year in Durban! Chilly mornings and beautiful warm sunny days...it doesn't get much better. 
Happy Holidays!

Good morning!

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