One plum and a dipping bowl #704

Daily painting #704 5"x7" oil on primed canvas panel

I wasn't kidding when I said how happy I was to gather all my little studio props again. This little dipping dish is from a local Chinese supermarket that I regularly shop at. I love browsing the shelves looking at all the different ingredients (as you know I love to cook), but I also often get distracted by the beautiful Chinese bowls, dishes and teapots. I can't help but leave with the odd little treasure. I have a beautiful selection of little bowls that we eat our yoghurt from and my studio is full of little treasures from that shop. I think I am a hoarder....(cringe!!!)

As for the delicious winter plums, they are about to become a plum and raspberry crumble to eat with thick Greek yoghurt ...and sugar-free of course!

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