A rose, of course! #700

Daily painting #700 8"x8" oil on primed canvas panel

So how does one decide what to paint for daily painting #700? My dilemma is that I don't usually think too much about what I am going to paint for a little daily painting otherwise I would spend all day deciding (my star sign borders on the indecisive Virgo scales) and I would never get around to painting. So it is usually something object based (often floral) and something that is close at hand in my kitchen/studio/house. However I have been brooding over what to paint for #700 for a while ...it needed to be something special...a good little painting....I had to 'get it right'. Those of you who have been following Paintings in the post for a while, will know that this type of thinking goes against my whole philosophy behind why I do these little daily paintings. But thank goodness things worked out just fine and my problem was solved before I had even realized it....and I had a good reminder about just giving something a go and not overthinking....

I had to teach a Painting class but many of the ladies were away. We ended up with just 3 people in the class and so a suggestion was made that I paint along with the ladies for the morning. Kate (yes....the rose lady if you remember a few posts back) had bought me some beautiful roses from her garden and so without even thinking about it, I sat at an easel popped the roses in front of me, grabbed a little daily painting board and painted along with the ladies. I stopped to assist if they needed me,  but finished a little painting before the class was up. It suddenly dawned on me that I had just painted daily painting #700! I had spent so much time thinking about #700 and in a way was dreading painting it and buckling under the pressure I was placing on myself to paint it. There is something to be said for just getting stuck in and doing something without agonizing too much (overthinking)! I had avoided painting this little painting but had just got stuck in and painted it without even realizing it. I paint these little paintings so regularly that it feels quite natural to just quickly grab a little board, my brushes and some paint and just do it! Only at the end of the session did I register the significance of what had just happened and perhaps it was because I had not planned to paint that the number 700 didn't quite come to mind (thank goodness) until the end.

So I give you daily painting #700, just an ordinary little painting and no more special than any of the others other than that for me, it marks a special achievement and a little milestone in a journey that began quite by accident and has changed my life. Thank you for sharing it with me!

A corner of my teaching studio...and roses!

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