In my studio #567

Daily painting #567 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel

I forced myself to take a few days break from being in my studio as I was feeling really tired and sore. I think without realizing it I am trying to move around my studio (on crutches) more than I realize and am perhaps not spending enough time with my foot elevated. So I had to try be strict on myself and take it easy as some of the swelling had come up again and my toes were looking like little sausages. It was so tempting to go back into my studio....! I had left some beautiful roses that I had used for inspiration for a larger piece of work I had started. I am planning some HUGE (over 1m) floral pieces. I was surprised to see the beautiful blooms still strong even though they had opened out a little more, so I decided to share one with you. I forced myself to work quickly on my daily painting today, capturing the essence and little detail. I felt all ready to start working on my larger floral again but had to force myself to have a little break and only go back into the studio in the afternoon. My patience is really being tested to the full!!! 
If you don't follow me on Instagram here is a little photo I shared of the larger painting I am working on....


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