Kruger light #588

Daily painting #588 4"x4" oil on primed canvas panel 

Our boys played in the finals today and sadly lost their first game of the tournament which left them the runner-ups in the competition at 2nd place. We are all so proud of our boys!

We left Nelspruit and headed off to the Kruger National Park about an hours drive away to the lower end of the Game Reserve on the Crocodile River. It is SO great to be back in the African bush...it is quite honestly my favourite place on the earth! The evening light was beautiful and my camera had its work cut out for it from the time we arrived! I promise to share some photos this week too. Just from our look out over the River we had spotted 4 of the big 5 in the early evening within an hour...buffalo, elephant, rhino and a leopard sleeping up a tree. I feel privileged! 

This is quite honestly the smallest little painting I have ever done at only 4"x4". I photographed it next to a matchstick to try give you some idea of its size...it really is dinky! I found just a few of these little miniature size painting boards before I left. Trying to photograph the painting square on proved to be a challenge as it is so small I had to zoom in a little....but it is square...I promise.

Our back garden for the week.....

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