It's time for me to share some Paintings in the post love!! It's GIVEAWAY TIME!! 

I am giving away this 6"x8" daily painting. It is #82 in the series and is called "Protea for Christmas".

So how can you be part of the fun?
I would like to meet some of my Paintings in the post followers so...please leave a comment on the blog. I would like to know where you live, how do you follow Paintings in the post (Facebook, Instagram, Google+, email subscription etc). What do you enjoy about the blog and is there anything you would like to see more of? How could I improve the blog...would you like me to share anything else...more photos...other aspects of my creative life....etc. 
Basically I would like to hear from you....and meet you!
A name from the comments will be randomly selected and the person receiving the painting will be notified here on the blog on Sunday! So be sure to check!
So click on the comments button below (near the Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter buttons below), leave a comment and you could be getting a Painting in the post! 
(Only comments on the blog will be accepted for the giveaway offer, not comments on other social media platforms...thanks)


Tons of love and a million thanks....

(P.S. Good luck!)

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  1. HEY....no comments! does no one want to win a painting ?

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    2. Ok - so it seems that I can reply. This is my third attempt and what I'd like to say is that you are so creative and talented. What I love the most is how proud Andrew is of you and your paintings. He has such an encouraging spirit - I've witnessed this as he coached my son, Brad, for many years. And I would love to win the protea !

  2. Hello, Heidi! I live in Berwyn, IL, USA and I found your blog through my dear friend Candice Caldwell (and I'm lucky enough to own one of your paintings that Candice gifted to me for my birthday a few years ago). Daily emails pop up in my inbox from you and I open them with pleasure. I enjoy seeing snippets of your life and being reminded to try and create every day (I don't paint, but I do love to sew).

  3. Hello Heidi! Wow! This is the first post I received after subscribing to your daily paintings today! I found this very painting on my pinterest feed this morning - and pinned it with a few other paintings of yours! I was so excited to find you do daily paintings - such an inspiration! I was speaking with my sister yesterday about the value of painting daily, so I am thrilled to find your blog! Such synchronicity to find your blog with a chance to win this beautiful protea painting I pinned earlier!!!! Lovely to know you are a local girl doing beautiful work. I live about 100 km from you on the Kwa Zulu South Coast!! Wishing you all the best and I am so happy to have found you and your wonderful paintings!

  4. I found you on G+ today so you are totally new to me. I clicked on your beautiful painting, and here I am! I'm a fine art photographer, and I love to meet other creative people.😊 I live in Norway.

  5. I found you on G+ today so you are totally new to me. I clicked on your beautiful painting, and here I am! I'm a fine art photographer, and I love to meet other creative people.😊 I live in Norway.

  6. @Jane...yay..you did it! thanks for your kind words! @PoldaPop so lovely to hear from you...I remember sending a painting off to you. I think it was also a South African, an aloe flower if I remember correctly! @todowhatyoulove and @Randi...lovely to meet you both and hope you keep stopping by!

  7. O Hi, I am from the lovely town Ballito, SA - not so far away. I love the small size painting cause you can then pair them up with 2-5 different themes and still have a collection. some of my favourites are the flowers and of course the ones with the delft blue and white plates. I would like to see some pomegranate. I found you on Pinterest - and soon you will be able to sell your paintings on there as well cause Pinterest is bringing in that feature soon.

    Keep on doing what you do cause we enjoy it!

  8. Hello Heidi! As you know, I'm a local. And I don't paint, but I'm a keen gardener so works inspired by nature have huge appeal for me. I love to see what theme you'll come up with next, for your painting! Super-impressed that you have such an early morning start on your work. Proteas are a huge favourite of mine, and I would count it a privilege to have one of your paintings up on my wall.

  9. Victoria Francis5 June 2015 at 01:37

    I remember how at school we all admired your paintings....I for one was in awe of your work, and still am!!! Everyday I go and look for your paintings on Facebook.....and each time I am even more impressed.....proudly South African girl, some overseas painters could learn a few things from you and your technique! Would be honoured to hang one you paintings on my wall.....from Victoria

  10. Thanks everyone for your comments!


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