Salad onions and a braai #476

Daily painting #476 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel

One of our weekend rituals is to have a braai (barbecue) ....my husband loves lighting a fire (no gas cooking in our house) and cooking over hot coals. It is his way to relax and it has become a traditional weekend family time when we all gather together, laugh, talk and enjoy one another's company. My husband is away in Cape Town on a cricket tour and so Ross decided it was his time to step up to the challenge and take over from Dad at the helm of the braai! It is the first time he has braaied on his own and his Dad must be a good teacher...he made a great fire and cooked the meat to perfection! My daughter made some roasted potatoes and a delicious fresh salad. I was so proud of them and even more proud that they insisted on having our normal family time together...even though Dad was missed! It is a wonderful thing to watch your little boy becoming a man ....and making a good braai is like a South African right of passage to manhood...at least in our house! Watch out Andrew, you might be about to loose your favourite weekend place at the braai!

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