First light #405

Daily painting #405 4"x6" oil on primed canvas panel 

My usual place for contemplation...
There is not a cloud in the sky this morning. Last night there was rain and everything is crisp, clean and fresh as the first light appears!
Tomorrow I have to paint my daily painting in the gallery at GALLERY 415....and I am terrified!! I have to paint with people watching....I have to share my very private and intimate space....and I suddenly feel like I have to 'get it right'. This is something I freed myself of long ago when completing a daily painting.....the need to 'get it right'. You simply can't 'get it right' every day! And then again what defines 'right'....so I have overcome these issues in my own headspace a long time ago. But tomorrow will be a little different. Fear and self doubt are the painters worst enemies and I am going to have to fight really hard with my inner voice tomorrow to just stay calm and enjoy the paint....regardless!
If you are in Durban I will be at the gallery tomorrow, Saturday at 9.30 am .....hope to meet you there!

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(The Paintings in the post online store will reopen after the closing of the exhibition on the 14th November with all the new little paintings that have not been exhibited)

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