Golden delicious #379

Daily painting #379. 6"x6" oil on primed canvas panel 

Golden delicious is a type of soft, sweet, juicy apple. My children prefer the slightly more tart and crunchy apples like the Granny Smith and so these, I have noticed, are being neglected in the fruit bowl! So I guess they won't be added to the school lunch boxes tomorrow. 
It's the start of our 4th and final school term for the year here in South Africa. It's going to be a short but busy one and always a tiring one as the heat of summer starts to drain the energy levels! We get off to a busy start with my Paintings in the post exhibition in just 2 weeks (yikes!!!!) and I have SO much planning to do as I will be teaching Visual Art part time in 2015 at one of our local private girls schools, Our Lady of Fatima. I will still teach a few painting classes from my studio at home but it will be great to get back into a classroom again for short periods and hopefully inspire some budding new art enthusiasts! I have a bucket load to do before the start of the next holidays....it's going to be crazy, busy and hopefully loads of fun....the final stretch of 2014 is ahead! 
2014 seems to be whizzing by....

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