Moth - an offering #361

Daily painting #361 4"x6" oil on primed canvas panel

I know that some of you get uncomfortable when I paint strange (not so 'pretty') things like moths and medication ....and I will admit to having a giggle when I read and hear some of the comments. But this little moth was an offering left behind by my cat! It's wings were damaged and I don't really want to give much thought to his ending because that makes me feel uncomfortable! But by nature cats are predators, like it or not, and the fact that my little black and white cat (ironically named Noo-Noo) chose to leave his little catch in my new studio is a break through! I have often painted Noo-Noo and called him my studio companion, but my studio companion has deserted me since I moved into my new studio space. He clearly doesn't like it! He sits defiantly at the door gazing at me disdainfully through half closed eyes. My appeals to come in are met with a slight tilt of the head in the opposite direction....the kind of defiance that from my children would result in a scolding! His little routine and his daily habits have been disturbed but I am hoping to win him over....I miss my little furry friend in my studio! Hopefully his little offering left behind at my easel is his way of saying 'hey this space isn't so bad' and hopefully he will be back again soon!

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