Aloe #346

Daily painting #346. 5"x7" oil on primed canvas panel SOLD

A school friend of mine whose Mum was in the very same hospital my Mum was in only a few weeks ago, passed away this week. There is such heartache in loosing someone you love...quite possibly the worst feeling in the whole world! It's left me thinking this week of life, loved ones and how precious this time we have is. My Dad passed away a while ago and not long after that my husband lost his Dad too...it was an emotional time and hearing of someone loosing one of their parents brings floods of emotions right back up there again! A special friend and kind soul gave me a beautiful big aloe to plant in my garden when my Dad passed away. My Dad and I were not as close as we should have been, my parents got divorced when I was 3 years old and the rest is a complicated story ....but the aloe stands in my garden and I can't help glancing in its direction each time I pass....
On the morning that my old school friend's Mum passed away there was a slight drizzle of desperately needed rain. Her words were simply..."my Mum has gone and she has sent us rain..." 
I thought that was beautiful! 

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