Painkillers #302

Daily painting #302. 4"x6" oil on primed canvas panel $40

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My mum has been on some seriously strong painkillers since she came home from the hospital and I have been told by the doctor for the first week to not allow her to come off of them because of all the internal bruising after the operation. The problem is that my mum is on fluids only and so swallowing a huge capsule is out of the question. I have been opening them up and pouring the powder into a little warm water and honey to try dissolve the awful bitter taste....I can't believe how much powder comes out of one capsule! Last night I emptied 2 capsules and must have left them sitting on the kitchen counter. My cat must have found them in the night and had a fun game of chase, scooting the little capsules around. This morning they were found lying on the floor of the kitchen and I am glad I found them and no one else....it didn't look good! Considering I am a mum who takes her kids to the homeopath instead of the doctor if I can, it certainly looked strange! But for now if my mum is pain free until she heals a bit, I am happy!

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